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Accessibility Testing

provide an Accessible Experience for All of Your Users.


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Test your mobile applications on +1000 real browsers and devices in the cloud to provide an accessible experience for all users.

  • VoiceOver and TalkBack Support - Use your keyboard to simulate any gesture like 2 finger swipe, double-tap, and more. Listen to any VoiceOver reading with your headset.
  • Real Mobile Devices - Connect via browser to a large selection of real iOS and Android devices.
  • Global Availability - Access and test mobile devices of any type and model from anywhere on real hosted devices in Experitest’s global data centers. 
  • Enterprise Security - Exepritest’s datacenters are ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified giving you a secure testing environment for your mobile applications.
  • Integrate with Selenium Testing - Integrate with your Appium tests. Receive support for native applications. SeeTest’s accessibility testing is compliant with all international standards like WCAG, OCR, DOJ, CVAA, and more.