Many companies invest huge amounts of time and money implementing 21st century digital technologies, but use testing practices that date back to the 1970’s. 


Guy Arieli, CTO of Experitest and Atos Syntel CTO Ashok Balasubramanian from Atos Syntel, joined by an Atos Syntel client executive, discuss real-world cases of how testing can and must evolve to take full advantage of digital technologies.


The expert panel discusses:


  • How continuous testing can enable digital transformation
  • Business and customer expectations in the Digital Age
  • The evolution of digital app testing
  • Multi-platform, multi-application testing in a mobile world
  • How to ensure a compelling user experience in real-life conditions
  • Quality engineering & DevSecOps


Our Speakers

  • Guy Arieli- CTO, Experitest
  • Ashok Balasubramanian- Global CTO, Business & Platform Solutions, Atos Syntel