To meet the demands of the digital economy, development organizations are tasked with rapid release of high quality applications. Devops, and high test automation coverage are a good start, but high productivity requires near instant feedback on code quality. 

Appium has become a popular open source tool for test automation for mobile apps. In this Step-by-step tutorial we will demonstrate how to build Appium continuous testing right in your CI pipeline, providing developers with rapid feedback from thousands of tests. 

Watch this session to learn how to configure Jenkins to support Appium mobile test execution, including:


  • Test automation environment requirements and setup
  • Building a Jenkins project
  • Resource building - pulling and compiling resources from Git
  • Automated test application deployment and configuration
  • Creating a test execution trigger in the CI pipeline
  • Test result analysis and feedback

Our Speakers

  • Guy Arieli - CTO, Experitest
  • Ruth Zamir -Director of Marketing, Experitest