Testing a digital application is not only about ensuring it works for the standard users in the standard conditions. It should work for any user, including those with disabilities, and in all network and device conditions. This is the only way to ensure the end user is satisfied with the overall experience. 


Additionally, regulators around the world have now put a high emphasis on ensuring user experience for disabled users with various legal actions taken against companies who do not comply. 


Performance issues can also negatively influence digital app usage, therefore monitoring performance metrics is an essential component of providing a top quality app. 


In this webinar Guy Arieli, CTO of Experitest and Gian Wild, CEO of AccessibilityOz, discuss and demonstrate why testing and monitoring functionality, performance and networking is essential to providing a superior digital experience.


Discover how:


  • Accessibility testing regulation and growing legal actions should influence your testing cycles.
  • User experience performance can be monitored live in production environments
  • To efficiently implement performance and accessibility testing in your app testing plan


Our Speakers

  • Guy Arieli - CTO,  Experitest
  • Gain Wild- CEO, AccessibilityOz