Digital app release cycles are constantly shrinking, and the need to ensure high quality apps is driving high levels of test automation, continuous testing, Shift Left, DevOps and more.

For mobile app test automation, Appium has become the standard. Yet developing and executing Appium tests requires advanced technical skills that make it difficult for non-expert coders to participate in the quality process.

In this webinar we conduct a step by step tutorial on how you can easily develop Appium tests, even if you are not an expert coder.

By the end of the session you will know how to:


  • Easily create Appium tests for iOS and Android using a test recorder

  • Increase your automation coverage for complex use cases such as fingerprint authentication, voice control or barcode scanning

  • Run high scale parallel execution on numerous remote devices for rapid feedback

  • Develop tests directly in an IDE

  • Speed up feedback and root cause analysis with advanced reporting and analytics.



Our Speakers

  • Amit Nahum - Product Manager. Experitest
  • Ruth Zamir - Marketing Director, Experitest