Testers can follow different paths in their career. One of the paths that gets a lot of attention is that of tester to developer. While both testers and developers deal with technology and code, the transition is not always straightforward. In this webinar Guy Arieli and Raz Alkalay will share their journey and discuss the various skills you need to develop and recommended steps to make the transition. Join us to hear about:  

  • Common career paths for developers
  • It’s all in your head - adopting a developer mindset
  • The skills you need and how to obtain them
  • How to leverage your work as a tester to learn to develop
  • Obtaining your organization’s buy-in or pushing yourself elsewhere
  • Old habits die hard: the challenges of working as a developer

Our Speakers

  • Elad Dotan - VP operations, Experitest
  • Ruth Zamir - Director of Marketing, Experitest