Two out of five stars of an app review are related to performance. 


Traditional monitoring metrics didn’t always provide accurate indications of what your user is actually experiencing. That’s why real-time monitoring of app performance is critical in providing a smooth user experience.


In this webinar Omer Madi, Product Manager at Experitest, discusses why monitoring app behavior in production environments is critical to an excellent user experience. He provides a hands-on demonstration with industry-standard tools, showing how to build this monitoring environment.  


Discover how:


  • Proactive monitoring provides a structured approach to reduce issue identification time, hassle and costs
  • Uncovering issues at the transaction level enables quicker fixes 
  • Using tools like Appium, Jenkins, ElasticSearch and Experitest’s SeeTest can achieve proactive user experience monitoring 
  • Early identification of issues enables increased velocity and reduced business risk 



Our Speakers

  • Omer Madi - Product Manager, Experitest