Looking into your functional tests, more than fifty percent of your code is test preparation and setup.  This means that more than 50% of writing test code and test execution time is attributed to test preparation and setup. In addition, this test setup is the cause of more than 50% of your test failures, making it the number one cause of flaky tests. 

In this webinar, Joyce Lin of Postman and Guy Arieli of Experitest will demonstrate a mobile app scenario, using Postman and Appium. They will show how to eliminate this setup overhead by leveraging service APIs to keep functional tests short, atomic and focused

Join this webinar to learn and see a live demo that includes: 

  • How to leverage API Testing to cut functional testing setup overhead
  • Analyze your mobile applications API calls 
  • Reconstruct API calls into Postman 
  • Learn the different REST API authentication types 
  • Generate code out of your Postman transaction and embed it into your Appium test 

There will be a live Q&A session at the end.


Our Speakers 

  • Joyce Lin - Developer Advocate Lead, Postman
    Joyce is a developer advocate at Postman, an API Development Platform used by over 10 million developers and more than 500,000 companies around the world. She likes coding, cats, and laughing at her own jokes.
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  • Guy Arieli - CTO, Experitest
    Guy Arieli has a strong track record in technology innovation with more than 18 years of development and hands-on experience in test automation. Prior to Experitest, Guy held management positions in HP, Cisco and 3Com. He also founded and sold the largest local Test Automation services company. Guy leads the largest Test Automation forum online and holds a B.Sc. from the Technion.
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