The enterprise market is increasingly moving towards digital, both for customer-facing and in business applications. In a rapidly changing digital environment, software test automation is critical to ensure quality@speed, and Continuous Testing can quickly become a challenge with the large matrix of mobile devices and browsers available in the market. Furthermore, in order to fully validate business-critical applications, organizations need to create a test automation strategy that spans both human and non-human interfaces enabling comprehensive testing all the way from Mobile to Mainframe.


Watch this one hour webinar to see how Parasoft SOAtest/Virtualize combine with the Experitest SeeTest Continuous Testing Platform for Web & Mobile to enable end-to-end testing from real devices and browsers, through to comprehensive API validation. Watch this webinar for a demonstration of:


  • Executing tests in parallel across real devices and browsers
  • Extracting the relevant API calls from your UI testing and leverage AI to build automated API test scenarios
  • Combining API and UI tests into comprehensive omnichannel test scenarios and integrating your CI process
  • Obtaining actionable insights and clear quality status to speed up a resolution

Our Speakers

  • Guy Arieli - CTO, Experitest
  • Mike Lambert - VP Product, Parasoft