You have invested time and money in designing a responsive website that will work perfectly on numerous devices and browsers. Now how do you test it? Most current cross-browser testing solutions focus on functional testing. Visual testing is often done manually or requires heavy maintenance of baseline images. For the rapid release cycles of the digital age, neither options are acceptable. Visual testing needs to be automated as part of your continuous testing.


In this 30 minute webinar, we will discuss the missing link between cross-browser testing and visual testing: Automated Visual Testing. 


Watch this webinar for a demonstration of:


  • Why layout based visual testing is the only way to ensure continuous visual testing
  • How to easily develop Galen based visual tests using a friendly user interface
  • How to make automated visual testing part of your Continuous Testing program

Our Speakers

  • Guy Arieli - CTO, Experitest
  • Ruth Zamir - Marketing Director, Parasoft