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Create the Perfect App: Continuously Integrate, Test and Deliver


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In today’s competitive markets, customers expect a continuous flow of updates, and enterprises rely on mobile applications to create a great user experience. Integrating continuous testing in the CI/CD process helps shorten mobile app release cycles and ensures high customer satisfaction.  SeeTest integrates with many DevOps platforms that provide customers the ability to automate the build, manage, and deploy their mobile app. Integrating DevOps platforms with SeeTest enables you to test your app on thousands of devices and browsers and to complete your CI/CD Pipeline.

In this webinar, Rahee Khan, Technical Engineer at Experitest, will demonstrate how to build a pipeline and run tests via Digital.ai solutions to ensure application quality. He will also demonstrate how we can integrate quality into 3rd party pipeline solutions like Azure DevOps.

Join us to learn:
· Why CI is important on DevOps?
· How to build a pipeline?
· How to create a test execution trigger in the CI pipeline?

     Our Speaker




Rahee Khan-  Technical Engineer, Experitest