WebdriverIO is an open source testing utility for Node.js. WebdriverIO is a great automation tool which makes it easy to write Selenium and Appium tests with Javascript, and automate both native mobile apps and web applications. 

In this webinar, Amit Nahum, Product Manager at Experitest, will show how to fully install, design and execute mobile tests using the WebdriverIO framework. Amit will provide a live demonstration of installing and building a basic test, connecting it to an execution environment, developing and executing Appium tests. 


Join us to learn more about WebdriverIO: 

  • Overview and concepts
  • The different between WebdriverIO and Selenium/Appium
  • How to install WebdriverIO
  • Building a basic test
  • Integrating WebdriverIO to an execution environment 
  • Developing and running Appium tests in the cloud


Our Speakers

  • Amit Nahum - Product Manager, Experitest