Mobile Performance for Functional QA Engineers

On- Demand Webinar




What are the steps and skills required to integrate UX Performance testing into your continuous testing pipeline?
What are the benefits of integrating UX Performance testing as part of Functional testing?
How to build a baseline and identify UX performance deviations from the baseline?

Today, in the era of digital transformation, application and website performance has a huge impact on digital customer experience, which directly affects business results. This is why the focus of performance testing is moving from back-end systems to User Experience performance:  transaction duration time, battery consumption, network download, CPU consumption, Speed Index and more. While back end performance testing ensures that the functionality performs well under stress and load, it does not test UX performance. 

In this webinar, Experitest CTO Guy Arieli, will demonstrate how the focus on performance testing is moving from back end performance to the user experience and why and how UX Performance testing should be tested continuously as part of your CI/CD Pipeline and not to be left to last.


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Guy Arieli - CTO, Experitest

Guy Arieli has a strong track record in technology innovation with more than 18 years of development and hands-on experience in test automation. Prior to Experitest, Guy spent several years in management positions in HP (formerly Mercury), Cisco and 3Com. In addition, Guy founded and sold the largest local Test Automation services company – TopQ (formerly Aqua Software) to a leading publicly-traded technology group – Top Group. Guy leads the largest Test Automation forum online and is a keynote speaker at events worldwide. He holds a B.Sc. from Israel’s world-renowned Technion.

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